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For 7 years we’ve collected the best practices in corporate database architecture working with enterprises and startups in the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia. Predict the approximate cost of your project right now.

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Our team provides both a full cycle of outsourcing database creation and the execution of individual tasks:

- writing, modifying, and optimizing the business logic;

- developing an architecture for information systems;

- improving the performance of program modules;

- graphical user interface (GUI) development;

- tables normalization;

- developing management systems.

Our Custom Database

Protected from hacking and unauthorized access

We install the latest security updates, use only trusted sources for containers. Also, we encrypt important information with keys, hide ports, and set up firewalls so that requests from the external network can’t pass through. These are only the bare minimum precautions required to defend against cyber threats.

Taking into account the specifics of your business

Our programmers select technologies for the implementation of the solution depending on the goals, conditions of use, and technical specifications. It can be both relational architecture with high performance and flexible non-relational software with the ability to make changes without programmers.

Efficient structure

Design, development, and implementation of specialized solutions that meet the principles of ACID. A single information space for employees and partners with different access levels. Fast remote access to company data from anywhere with the Internet connection. No data redundancy.


We develop an optimal data storage structure via front-end design engineering. You won’t have any problems with data as your website or application grows. We use technologies that allow us to increase the volume and variety of data.

Why outsource to WebSailors programmers


Our team has become a reliable software vendor for more than 100 projects. We have developed integral and object-oriented web and mobile solutions with easy data updates for the vast majority of them.


Our staff rates start at $25 per hour. We will select specialists with experience in projects of your type. Contact us to get a cost estimation of the service.

Deadline and security compliance

Competent planning and regular meetings with the client allow us to provide the best result on time. A non-disclosure agreement guarantees the security of confidential information.


Experience in the design and offshore development of high-load systems with high availability and safety requirements. Optimization of the custom database structure and creation of fault-tolerant solutions.

Web / Application Database Technologies

WebSailors develops SQL, and NoSQL custom software of any complexity. We use technologies that meet the high requirements of car rental companies, insurance, worldwide package delivery, vendor management, airline, automobile company, recruitment, travel agencies, etc.


From $30 p/h
Together with Python Django / NodeJS allows us to develop powerful and reliable systems of unlimited size.


From $30 p/h
InfluxDB in conjunction with NodeJS to create a horizontally scalable, cloud-based, and manageable software.

Database Creation Steps

Pre-design analysis

We define the tasks that the system should solve and collect the speed and security requirements.


Defining data types and relationships between objects. We create a model, coordinate it with the client, refine it, and make adjustments, if necessary.

Development and testing

Creation of basic and additional software objects. Checking the accuracy of work.

Implementation and support

Import of information, provision of access. Maintenance and modification.

Completed Projects

  • App database programmers for food delivery service

    Command structure:
    2 developers

    AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Node.js

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Our Other Services

  • Custom
    Software Development

    From $30 p/h


James T. Ray

CEO, IdeasX, USA

We see WebSailors as a reliable partner and look forward to long-term cooperation.

Beniamin Khaninaev

Office Agency Consultant, JLL, Russia

They were attentive to our interests. The project was completed on time. Very effective collaboration.

Kerim Erturan

Interim Recruiter, Portland, UK

We made high demands for the product, but the team coped with the tasks.

Dan Raykhman

CTO at CurrencyPI Consulting, USA

High technical level of the company's specialists.

  • James T. Ray

    CEO, IdeasX, USA

    We see WebSailors as a reliable partner and look forward to long-term cooperation.

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